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Fish & Seafood Cooking: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Before You Buy Fish, Check This List
A listing of fish and seafood that are high and low in mercury levels -- fish for pregnant women and children to avoid and those to eat more of.
Dinner for 2: 14 Romantic Seafood Recipes for...
Get ready to dim the lights, chill the wine, and light the candles -- Valentine's Day is almost here! Here are fourteen recipe ideas for delicious seafood dishes that will help make the most romantic evening of the year even more special.
How to Smoke Salmon
A step by step tutorial on how to smoke salmon, or any other fatty fish. These instructions work for other fish such as shad, mackerel, wahoo, bonito, whitefish, sablefish, bluefish -- even trout.
The Best Way to Cook Swordfish
Tips and information about how to cook swordfish well. Cooking swordfish is easy if you don't overcook it.
8 Things You Didn't Know about Freezing Fish
Instructions on how to freeze fish to prevent freezer burn or spoilage. Freezing fish or seafood properly is critical to keep your catch in top shape for months.
How to Choose the Right Oil for Cooking Fish
You will get different results depending on which oil you use to cook fish or seafood. Olive oil will do one thing, butter another and peanut oil something else. Here's how to choose.
5 Quick Deep-Frying Tips for Seafood
Why are some deep fried foods light and crisp while others are greasy and limp? These simple tips will make all the difference in your results!
How to Choose Fish and Seafood for Raw Dishes...
A description of which fish and seafood to choose for sushi, sashimi or other raw dishes. Eating raw fish has its risks, and this list helps you when choosing fish for sushi.
5 Fish That Are Real Omega-3 Champs
Five fish with the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which health experts say are important to our overall health. Here is a list of five fish to eat if you want to maximize your intake of omega-3 fatty acids: Salmon, sardines, smelt, anchovies and shad.
Smelt: Finger Food Extraordinaire
How to cook smelt. Smelt are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, totally sustainable and so delicious you can eat them whole.
An Easy Method to Cook Spaghetti Squash
Is there a better way to microwave spaghetti squash? You bet! Cook it in half the space with no plastic wrap (which can melt) and no dangerous steaming. Easier than you could imagine!
19 Things to Know before Buying Fish or Shellfish
How to tell if a fish is fresh at the market. Unless you caught the fish yourself, you really have no way of knowing exactly how fresh it is. Choosing fresh fish and seafood is easy if you follow these tips on buying fish and seafood.
Crispy Beer Batter for Fish and Seafood
A quick and easy recipe for a beer batter that goes great with fish and seafood. This fish-and-chips recipe is light and airy, despite the fact that it is deep-fried. It works well with tilapia, cod, haddock, walleye, seabass, snapper, halibut -- really any firm fish. You can even use it for shrimp, calamari or oysters.
All You Wanted to Know about Pacific Rockfish...
What you need to know about Pacific rockfish, also known as rock cod. Included is information about how to cook rockfish as well as whether rockfish are sustainable seafood.
How to Boil Crabs
Step by step instructions on how to boil crabs. Boiling crabs is a simple process, once you learn a few key points.
7 Must-Know Tips for Storing Fresh Fish
How to store fresh fish and seafood at home. Storing fresh fish is different from storing meat, so you will need to know some tips and techniques to properly store fresh fish and seafood.
Make Tempting Tempura for Fish and Seafood
This basic tempura recipe works very well as a batter for tempura-frying shrimp, lobster, fish or any other seafood.
Pairing Wine with Seafood: 8 Great Matches
A quick guide and a list of go-to wines that go great with fish or seafood - this will help you pair wine with fish or other seafood.
This Lobster Risotto Is Sure to Impress
This is a recipe for lobster risotto from Sardinia, an island off the coast of mainland Italy. This lobster risotto is rich with lobster stock and a pinch of saffron. Either spiny or New England lobsters will work with this risotto recipe.
Fish & Seafood Cooking - Search Results
Having trouble? Here are some helpful suggestions: Check your spelling. Avoid punctuation, and make sure
How to Gut and Scale a Whole Fish
Step by step instructions on how to scale and gut a fish. Scaling and gutting is the best way to treat many fish, especially those where much of the meat would be lost by filleting.
Classic Tuna Salad
A traditional, classic recipe for a simple tunafish sandwich. American tuna salad recipes are all over the map, but here is a high-quality classic tuna sandwich recipe.
Need to Cook a Whole Fish? Try These Recipes
Step by step instructions on how to prepare and cook a whole fish on the grill. Grilling whole fish is a dramatic way to serve your guests, and for many fish, such as striped bass, you need little more than salt, lemon and olive oil to make them shine.
A Crowd-Pleasing Classic Shrimp Scampi Recipe
A recipe for classic shrimp scampi, a dish popular in the 1970s that is enjoying a revival. Shrimp scampi is excellent with crusty bread or pasta.
How to Cook Irresistible Sockeye Salmon
Tips and instructions on how to cook with wild sockeye salmon. Cooking with sockeye salmon is a little different from cooking chinook, silver or pink salmon; here are some tips.
Easy Tilapia Piccata Recipe -- How to Make...
An easy and elegant dish of lightly pan-fried tilapia fillets in a vibrant sauce of white wine, fresh lemon juice, and capers. A go-to recipe for holidays, birthdays, or any day!
Grilled Baby Octopus: Marinated and Cooked to...
A simple, delicious Greek grilled octopus recipe.
How to Cook Salmon on the Grill: A Super-Simple...
An easy and simple recipe for grilled salmon that give you both the cool grill marks on the meat and a crispy skin. These tips on grilling salmon will work with any kind: farmed, kings, sockeye or silver.
The 10 Steps to Getting the Meat From a Crab
Step by step instructions on how to pick meat from crabs. Here's how to clean and extract all the crabmeat from a whole crab in a step-by-step demonstration. This works with blue crabs, Dungeness crabs, rock and stone crabs, Jonah crabs, calico crabs -- really any crab but an Alaskan king or snow crab.
Learn How to Cook Pacific Cod and Alaskan...
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How To Head Fresh Shrimp: A Step By Step Guide...
If you see head-on shrimp in the market, don’t be afraid to buy them. You can easily learn how to de-head your shrimp by following this guide.
Polpi in Umido: Italian Octopus Stewed in Wine...
This recipe is for the Southern Italian polpi in umido, or stewed octopus in white wine and tomatoes. Of the many Italian octopus recipes, this is among my favorite.
Tilapia: A Blank Slate for Culinary Creations
How to cook tilapia: What to know and how best to use tilapia, one of the world's most farmed -- and sustainable -- freshwater fish species.
Everything You Didn't Know about Cooking with...
Information about how to cook fresh sardines. They can be rare in markets, but when you find these enormously flavorful little fish, here are some tips about how to cook with fresh sardines.
Seared Scallops & Shrimp with Balsamic...
This elegant scallop and shrimp dish, drizzled with a sweet, strawberry-flavored balsamic glaze, tastes like absolute heaven and is perfect for a romantic dinner for two.
5 Superb Superbowl Snacks
Superbowl and snacks were made for each other! Bring out the zesty appetizers for football's big day and keep the fans happy -- no matter who they're cheering for.
The Basics on Boiling Lobster: A Beginner's Guide
As easy as it is, there are a few things to know about how to boil a lobster. This is not so much a recipe for cooking lobster as it is a preparation.
Crispy Fried Salmon Skin
A recipe for crispy-fried salmon skin done Asian-style. Think of this as a recipe for salmon bacon -- crispy, a little fatty, and pleasingly salty.
Cooking with Cuttlefish
How to cook cuttlefish, a relative of the squid and octopus, without it becoming chewier than rubber. Cooking cuttlefish is easy once you learn how.
Easy Classic Shrimp Salad -- How to Make Shrimp...
Here's an easy recipe for shrimp salad made with small, flavorful shrimp and crisp veggies that produces classic results.
Classic French Steamed Mussels
A recipe for French steamed mussels with garlic, white wine, butter and a little onion or shallot.
Classic Spanish Escabeche Recipe
A recipe for escabeche, which is a Spanish seared and pickled fish dish that is great for a hot summer afternoon. This isn't a typical pickle, but vinegar gives the fish a pleasing tartness.
Pickled Octopus Recipe: How to Make Greek...
Home cooks pickle octopus all over the Mediterranean. This pickled octopus recipe is a classic recipe for a typical octopus appetizer.
A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Crab Meat by...
What grade of canned crabmeat should you choose for crab cakes or other dishes? Save money with this quick guide!
Don't Miss Out on This Classic Lobster...
Lobster Thermidor is a French dish that is as rich and luxurious as it sounds, making this traditional recipe perfect for a special occasion.
Broiling Haddock for the First Time? Try This...
A quick and easy recipe for broiled haddock, cod or pollock moistened with butter, topped with bread crumbs and served with lemon.
Your Quick Guide to Cooking Striped Bass
Cooking striped bass is so versatile, because you can serve stripers so many ways -- fried, baked, grilled, poached, seared, or even steamed.
Why Frozen Fish Is Often Better Than Fresh
When shopping for fish, don't forget the freezer section: Buying frozen fish is often better than buying fresh fish.
How to Make Bottarga, or Salt-Cured Fish Roe
How to make salted fish roe, which is called bottarga in Italy. This bottarga recipe will make an excellent condiment to all sorts of seafood dishes, and can be made with shad, mullet, herring or any other edible roe.
Check Out These Tasty Squid and Octopus Recipes
Step by step instructions on how to prepare an octopus for quick recipes by braising it to make the octopus tender.
Before You Buy Seafood at a Supermarket
A guide to buying seafood in a supermarket. Tips on what to look for and how to choose quality fish and seafood in a regular supermarket.
Cooking Sablefish: A Tantalizing Treat
What you need to know to bring out the best in sablefish, also known as black cod or butterfish. Cooking with sablefish is easy because black cod tolerates overcooking.
Mahi Mahi: A Fish So Nice They Named It Twice
Meet Mahi Mahi! How to choose, store, and prepare delicious recipes for mahi mahi - AKA Dorado or Dolphinfish
6 Endangered Seafoods That You Should Avoid
A list of fish and seafood you should avoid because they have been overfished. Also included are sustainable alternatives to the endangered fish or seafood.
King or Chinook Salmon
How to best cook king salmon, also known as chinook salmon. Where to find the best salmon and what to do with it. Cooking king salmon is a joy because it tolerates overcooking and can be prepared in so many ways.
Celebrate Chinese New Year with These Delicious...
The Chinese year 4710 is the Year of the Dragon -- and it's a great opportunity to celebrate with these shrimp, lobster, and seafood dishes!
How to Make Your Own 'Tunafish'
Step by step instructions on how to make your own homemade 'canned' tuna, this is a tuna confit recipe where the tuna is preserved in olive oil. This recipe will result in far better tuna than most store-bought tunafish available.
An Enticing Recipe for Tuna Sashimi with Daikon...
A recipe for Japanese tuna sashimi, or raw tuna with a dipping sauce and a light daikon salad. Always use sashimi or sushi-grade tuna for this recipe.
Make Rich, Delicious Basque Seafood Stew
A recipe for a Basque-style seafood stew where fish and shellfish meet chiles, paprika and white wine. This recipe calls for baby octopus, seabass and scallops, but you could use almost any combination of seafood for this stew.
Super-Quick, Super Tasty Moroccan Spicy Shrimp
A recipe for spicy sauteed shrimp cooked in a Moroccan style, with cumin, paprika, coriander and a little ginger. This shrimp recipe is very quick, and easy to cook.
Pacific Red & Rock Crabs: Cheap &...
How to cook and get the most out of Pacific red crabs or Pacific rock crabs, two crab species that are plentiful -- and underfished -- along the Pacific coast. Cooking instructions and key tips.
Easy Crab and Shrimp Salad Recipe - How to Make...
A delicious and easy seafood salad featuring shrimp and crabmeat
How to Split or Butterfly a Fish
Step by step instructions on how to butterfly, or split, a whole fish. Splitting a fish is a great way to prep a whole fish for stuffing because butterflying removes most of the bones.
Make a Quick Shrimp Stock: An Easy 6-Step Recipe
A quick and easy method for making a seafood stock using shrimp shells
Peruvian Ceviche: A Citrusy, Summery Meal
A classic Peruvian ceviche recipe that serves as a basis for a range of raw fish recipes.
Sand Dabs -- The Littlest Flounder
How to cook and prepare sand dabs, or any small flounder. Sanddabs, as they are also known, are best pan-dressed. They are abundant on the Pacific coast and are wonderful fried.
How to Clean Fresh Anchovies
Step by step instructions on how to clean anchovies. Cleaning fresh anchovies is easy with a few simple tips.
Making Your Own Boquerones, or Marinated White...
Instructions on how to make your own marinated white anchovies at home. These cured anchovies are called boquerones in Spain and gavros in Greece. Here's how to cure your own anchovies.
Pomegranate Glazed Salmon with Apple Horseradis...
Perfect for a special birthday or anniversary, a romantic dinner (like Valentine's Day), or when you just want to show off a bit in the kitchen, this Pomegranate Glazed Salmon looks fancy and tastes amazing!
Easy, Elegant Spanish Braised Octopus in...
A recipe for pulpo a la gallega, a Spanish braised octopus recipe with a garlic-paprika sauce; you could also use calamari for this recipe.
Cooking with Pacific Surfperch
Pacific surfperch are mainstays of Pacific anglers who fish piers, jetties and beaches. Although there are several kinds, such as calico, redtail and rubberlips, they are best cooked whole and are often rich with fat.
How to Fillet a Flatfish (Sole, Flounder, Fluke)
Step by step instructions on how to fillet a flatfish such as a flounder, fluke, halibut, plaice, sole or sand dab.
Cooking with Spiny Lobster
How to cook spiny lobsters, which are different from Maine lobsters. Cooking with spiny lobsters typically means Caribbean or Mexican cuisine.
American Shad
How to cook one of Colonial America's favorite fish: The American, or white shad. Cooking with shad may be bony business, but shad are among the richest-tasting of our river fish.
The Skinny on Selecting and Cooking a Dungeness...
Dungeness crabs are not only a sustainable seafood choice, they are easy to cook with and their recipes are best kept simple.
How to Make Rich, Tasty Lobster Stock
A recipe for lobster stock or lobster broth. This is a great way to use the leftover shells and bodies of either Maine or spiny lobsters.
Try This Sichuan Sweet and Sour Crispy Fish...
A Sichuan-style sweet and sour fish recipe where you crispy-fry a whole fish and serve it with a homemade, Chinese sweet-and-sour sauce. This recipe works great with rockfish, largemouth bass, black seabass, porgies, perch, bream or pompano.
Make Piri Piri Sauce: Famous, Fiery, and...
A recipe for piri piri sauce, a hot and fragrant sauce used in both Portuguese and African cooking; this version of piri piri is from Mozambique.
Bacon Wrapped Sweet Chili Shrimp with Macadamia...
A deliciously sweet and spicy treat that features two of America's favorite foods - bacon and shrimp - brushed with tangy sweet chili sauce and topped with crushed macadamia nuts.
New England Cornmeal-Crusted Cod Cheeks
A traditional New England recipe for fried cod cheeks. This recipe uses an olive oil-based garlic-basil sauce to jazz up an old favorite. Cod cheeks and halibut cheeks are a delicacy that deserves to be better known.
Five Top Online Fish Markets
For those of us who live far away from our favorite sources of seafood, you can order seafood online - it is expensive, but the quality is generally good from superior markets. Here is a review of five online fish markets.
Sear the Perfect Fish Fillet in 7 Easy Steps
How to sear a fish fillet properly. Searing fish is easy, but knowing a few tips and tricks to get that crispy skin on a fillet will make you a better seafood cook.
How to Make San Francisco's Signature Seafood...
A recipe for cioppino, a traditional San Francisco-style seafood stew. This is a real deal Cioppino recipe: one that has Dungeness crab.
Twin Hearts Apricot Glazed Shrimp and Peppadew...
Show your affection with this beautiful salad of apricot-glazed shrimp, sweet peppadews, and brandied apricots!
Fried Whitebait with Aioli: Small Fish Packed...
A recipe for fried whitebait, or tiny whole fish such as blue anchovies, served with a garlicky aioli sauce. A delicious appetizer ot simple dinner.
Sweet & Spicy Beer Steamed Rock Crab Recipe...
Got crab legs, crab claws, or whole crabs? Whether they're already cooked or raw, you can give them delicious flavor by steaming them with spiced beer!
Buttery Garlic Crab Bruschetta Recipe --...
A wonderfully decadent, buttery, garlicky, crabmeat recipe that makes a stunning Italian style appetizer, first course, or snack.
Jacksmelt or Jack Smelt, a Pacific Panfish
What to do with and how to cook Pacific jacksmelt, a common relative of the silversides that lives around piers and jetties. It's also called the horse smelt or jack smelt.
10 Deeply Warming Fish & Seafood Soups,...
Wrap your hands around a steaming mug of one of these delicious, chill-chasing soups and stews and send Old Man Winter packing!
How to Cook Manila Clams
What to know about cooking with manila clams, these little delicacies from Japan. Manila clams are the sweetest of the Pacific coast clams, and are now farmed sustainably in the Pacific Northwest.
Pacific White Seabass, or California Sea Bass
How to cook Pacific white seabass, A/K/A corvina or Calfiornia sea bass, one of the finest fish in the West. White seabass is sustainable and delicious.
Using Different Flours for Cooking Fish and...
Tips on how different flours can change the flavor and texture of a recipe, especially when cooking fosh and seafood.
How to Grill Fish And Seafood -- Recipes and...
Grilled fish is a delight, but grilling fish and seafood can seem a bit intimidating. Here are some basic tips, along with a selection of appealing recipes to get you started.
Oyster Roast FAQ and Etiquette Guide, Part 1
Oyster roasts are fun and delicious affairs, but if you've never been to one then you need to read this two-part guide to the ins and outs of oyster roasts and oyster festivals.
Grilled Red Snapper -- Snapper Yucatan Style
A recipe for grilled fillets of red snapper spiced the way they do it in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Red snapper recipes are common in this part of Mexico, but you could substitute most any white fish.
How to make Southern Fried Oysters
This classic Southern Fried Oysters recipe gets a kick from cayenne pepper.
Meet Your Fish: Soft Shell Crabs, Part 1 - How...
Soft shell crabs are a delectable treat whether fried, broiled, or grilled. Learn more about soft shells in this two-part series -- what they are, and how to buy, clean, and cook them using these delicious recipes.
You Have to Try This Italian Fish Crudo Recipe
Crudo is the Italian version of sashimi: Raw fish at the peak of freshness, dressed simply with olive oil and lemon.
How to Make Fried Smelt with Garlicky Swiss Chard
A tried and true way to cook smelt is to fry them. This recipe for any type of smelt or whitebait uses seasoned flour and olive oil for a flavorful crust.
Cooking with Halibut, the King of Flatfish
What to know about buying and cooking all kinds of halibut, whether it's Pacific halibut, California halibut or Atlantic halibut.
Tempura Halibut with Garlic Aioli
A recipe for tempura fish with a garlic aioli. This version uses halibut, but tempura works well with any firm fish.
5 Supermarket Seafood Secrets
Supermarket seafood counters can be a source of excellent products and first-rate advice. But, as with any purchase, caveat emptor applies. The following tips can help when choosing fresh fish and seafood.
Cajun Perch Po Boys Recipe -- How to Make New...
The 'Po-Boy' sandwich is a New Orleans favorite. This version features crunchy fried fish, zesty Cajun mayo, ripe tomatoes, and a sweetly spicy pepper slaw -- all piled on a long, crusty French loaf. Boo-yah!
How to Cook Shad or Other Bony Fish: Dealing...
Many bony fish are delicious, such as shad, pike and herring, but how to deal with the bones? Briefly cooking and flaking the meat from a bony fish is the answer. Here are step by step instructions on how to go about it.
Catalan Garlic Shrimp Cocktail Recipe - How to...
Here's a shrimp cocktail that might single-handedly give the shrimp cocktail concept a good name again! It packs a take-no-prisoners punch of flavor that will make you forget every boring version you ever had.
Spanish-style Sauteed Shrimp
Recipe for Spanish-style sauteed shrimp with garlic, parsley and chiles.
Sea Scallops and Weathervane Scallops
The large scallops we love to eat are called sea scallops in the East, and weathervane scallops in the Pacific Northwest. When people ask me how to cook sea scallops, I say it's easy: Cook them less than you think.
Mark's Pasta & Lobster Sauce
This is an original lobster sauce recipe that goes great with almost any pasta. It is a tomato-based sauce that brings out the best in leftover lobster meat and shells.
How to Make Seared Spanish Sea Scallops Recipe
This Seared Spanish Sea Scallop Recipe with saffron and Serrano ham is from Galicia in northern Spain.
An Easy Recipe for Basic Fish Stock
A simple recipe for fish stock. This is a great way to find a use for the bones and heads from whole fish. You can also substitute shrimp or crab to make shrimp stock or crab stock.
Fried Smelt with Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
A recipe for an Asian version of fried smelt with a Vietnamese dipping sauce. Fried whole fish are common in Asian seafood recipes, and this soy-lime dipping sauce goes well with the crispy smelt.
How to Smoke Sardines
A method and recipe for making smoked sardines. Smoking sardines gives you an effect like a kippered herring, and these sardines are great in salads or as a snack.
Mmm ... Marvelous Mahi Mahi Burgers with...
This Mahi Mahi Burger with Honey-Mustard Sauce is a quick and easy seafood dish that grills the fish and serves as a sandwich for lunch or dinner
Have You Tried These Grilled and Stuffed...
Grilled fresh sardines are a fantastic fish to serve in summer. This sardine recipe uses grape leaves to hold in a simple stuffing -- and keep the sardines from sticking to the grill.
Nick's Salmon Cakes
A recipe for salmon cakes I got from Nick Burnett, a friend of mine. His salmon cake recipe calls for chopped the raw salmon and then frying it, rather than using pre-cooked salmon.
How To Cook This New England Thanksgiving...
A recipe for baked, stuffed cod or haddock. This is a traditional New England Thanksgiving recipe, features fish instead of a turkey.
Cooking with Silver Salmon
How to cook, choose and store silver salmon, also known as coho salmon.
Gremolata Tartar Sauce: Great Flavors in a...
Gremolata Tartar Sauce Combines Great Flavors in a Classic Sauce for Fish Dishes and other Seafood like Crab Cakes
Octopus Salad with Oregano Oil
A Greek-inspired octopus salad recipe made with a fresh oregano and green olives. This can also be done with calamari.
Asian Abalone with Lemongrass
Abalone is a prized food on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, and this is my take on a Vietnamese-style abalone recipe that uses thin slices of abalone with lots of lemongrass and ginger.
Traditional Yellowtail Teriyaki Recipe
A recipe for a traditional teriyaki sauce for fish and seafood, in this case hamachi, or yellowtail. Teriyaki also goes great with tuna, swordfish, seabass, mackerel or catfish.
Spanish Poached Lobster with Roasted Red Pepper...
A Spanish recipe for butter-poached lobster in a smooth roasted red pepper sauce. This recipe can be used with either Maine or spiny lobsters.
All About Northern Pink Shrimp
Northern, or boreal, pink shrimp are widespread in the northern Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans, and are -- for the most part -- sustainably fished. They are a little different from your typical shrimp, so here's how to cook pink shrimp.
Thai Crab Cakes
A recipe for Thai-style crab cakes that taste rich, but are actually low-fat and healthy. The Thai curry paste adds a spicy zip to these crabcakes. You can do this recipe with fish to make fish cakes, too.
A Recipe for Southern Fried Catfish
A simple recipe for Southern fried catfish: Fillets rolled in seasoned cornmeal and fried to perfection.
An Old Timey She-Crab Soup
She-crab soup is an old-time specialty of the Atlantic South. Its key ingredient is the bright crimson
Oyster Veloute, A Smooth Oyster Chowder
A French recipe for a smooth, pureed oyster veloute -- really a chowder -- that is a refined way to serve oyster soup.
19 Mouth-Watering Seafood Appetizer and Tapas...
A hand-picked selection of exciting appetizer and tapas recipes to thrill friends and family during the holidays of for special occasions.
Tuna Carpaccio
An authentic tuna carpaccio recipe, based off the original beef dish invented in Harry's Bar in Venice during the 1950s. This one uses Harry's homemade mayonnaise and a dash of good mustard, but uses tuna.
Shad Fingers: Boneless Shad
Step by step instructions on how to get boneless meat from a shad fillet. This is a modifed shad boning technique that will give you a 'shad finger' that is boneless, without having to learn the difficult art of filleting a shad.
Deep Fried Pike Nuggets
A deep-fried northern pike recipe that is easy to do and solves the bones problem.
10 Terrific Tilapia Recipes
Tilapia is one of the most popular fish in America. With its sweet and mild white flesh, it's a very easy fish to like! Here are ten tempting recipes for preparing this delicious fish.
You Must Try This Classic Shad Roe with Bacon...
A classic recipe for shad roe that dates back to Colonial days. This is the quintessential way to cook shad roe: with bacon, some herbs and lemon wedges.
Learn How to Prepare Soft Shell Crabs the Right...
Soft shell crabs are a delectable treat whether fried, broiled, or grilled. Learn more about soft shells in this two-part series -- what they are, and how to buy, clean, and cook them using these delicious recipes.
Sea Scallops with Ginger-Lime-Butter Sauce
A recipe for sea scallops seared with a ginger-lime-butter sauce served on a nest of grilled leeks or green onions. This scallop recipe is an easy, delicious way to highlight the seafood.
Holiday Shrimp and Crawfish Jambalaya -- An...
An easy New Orleans, shrimp, sausage, and crawfish jambalaya that will feed a crowd for holidays, special occasions, buffets, and dish-to-pass dinners.
A recipe for the Argentine sauce chimichurri, which is used on everything from beef to seafood. Chimichurri has garlci, parsley, red pepper and vinegar
Easy Vietnamese-Style Stir-Fried Sweet Shrimp...
A Vietnamese shrimp recipe that uses a bit of sugar to caramelize the shrimp once you stir-fry them. Stir-frying the shrimp keeps them tender, and the spicy caramel flavor makes these a hit.
Spicy Mojito Mahi Mahi Recipe - How to Make...
Grilled mahi recipe featuring Mojito cocktail flavors of lime, mint, and rum with a spicy touch of green pepper sauce.
Manhattan Crab Chowder Recipe -- How to Make...
This tomato-rich Manhattan-style crab chowder has bold flavor, is virtually fat-free, and is ridiculously easy to make!
Gilled Salmon with Herb Butter
A recipe for grilled salmon -- king, sockeye, silver, pink or farmed -- served with an herb butter that has sage, parsley and thyme in it. This recipe also works well when you saute the salmon.
Grilled Anchovies
A Spanish recipe for grilled small fish, which could be anchovies, smelt, sardines, herrings or even small mackerel.
Make Quick and Easy Skate Wing with Brown Butter
A classic French preparation for these odd relatives of the shark, a fish dish as delicate as it is delicious.
Sicilian Style Tuna Salad Recipe with Capers...
A Sicilian style tuna salad recipe that relies on high quality canned albacore, lemon, capers and green olives.
Wine Poached Tuna with Leeks Recipe - How to...
Lightly poached tuna is juicy and full of flavor --especially when it's been poached with leeks in white wine, butter, and chicken stock. The reduced poaching liquid becomes an incredible sauce that is spooned over the tuna and a bed of herb-scented rice.
Broiled Kansas City Cod Recipe -- How to Make...
Kansas City Steak Seasoning is delicious, but too salty to use on fish and seafood. Here's an easy recipe for your own homemade Kansas City Fish Seasoning blend -- and a delicious broiled cod dish to use it on!
Lemongrass Ginger Sauce
A recipe for a fresh, vibrant lemongrass-ginger sauce, with just a touch of celery leaves. This sauce recipe works great with seafood or chicken.
Crab and Shrimp Salad Cheddar Melt Sandwich...
A tasty new variation on the classic grilled cheese. Way more upscale and fun than a tuna melt!
Pan-Dressing a Sand Dab or Any Small Flatfish
Sand dabs, also known without the space as "sanddabs," are small flatfish that are too small to fillet.
Grilled Madras Salmon
A quick and easy recipe fresh salmon seafood fish Indian cuisine chili pepper ginger cilantro sweet heat mango preserves cook on grill bake in oven
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