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How to Smoke Seafood - Smoked Fish and Seafood Recipes

Recipes and instructions on how to smoke fish and seafood, as well as recipes for smoked fish and seafood.

Taramosalata: Greek Smoked Cod Roe Dip
This may sound odd, but it is a delicious mash of smoky roe with breadcrumbs, lemon and plenty of olive oil. It works well with crudites.

Smoked Fish & Pesto Pasta
A quick and easy pasta dish that makes excellent use of smoked fish.

Smoked Salmon Kedgeree Recipe
A traditional recipe for the English salmon dish kedgeree, which in this recipe uses smoked salmon or haddock.

How to Smoke Sardines
A method and recipe for making smoked sardines. Smoking sardines gives you an effect like a kippered herring, and these sardines are great in salads or as a snack.

Smoked Sardine Salad
A recipe for a flavorful salad using smoked sardines, either canned or freshly smoked. This is a great seafood salad served on toast.

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