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Making Your Own Boquerones, or Marinated White Anchovies


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Wash and Clean Your Anchovies
Fresh anchovies

Fresh anchovies

Holly A. Heyser

Call them boquerones, gavros or just white anchovies, these little morsels are very trendy these days. Boquerones (pronounced bo-keh-ROAN-ess) are not your mother's anchovies: They are sweet, firm, tart and not even remotely like the brown anchovies you see in a can.

This recipe requires a couple days, so plan ahead. But the great thing about boquerones is that these anchovies are lightly cured, so they will stay in great shape for up to 30 days in the fridge.

White anchovies are easy to make. Start with very fresh anchovies and clean them well. Instructions on how to do this are linked below.

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