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Smoking, Pickling & Salting Seafood

Fish is so perishable that every culture in the world has devised ingenious ways of preserving their catch, whether through drying, salting, pickling or smoking. This world goes beyond smoked fish and into the realm of gravlax and light, fresh pickles that will make you take another look at a dish like pickled herring.
  1. Oil-Poached Fish Recipes (4)
  2. Salt-Cured Seafood Recipes (11)
  3. Smoked Seafood Recipes (5)

Creamy Sweet Potato, Leek, & Seafood Soup Recipe
This warming homemade soup is surprisingly easy and gives you restaurant quality results. The sweetness of the potatoes and leeks is balanced by the smoky savor of the fish in a creamy, rich broth with just a hint of spice.

How to Smoke Salmon
A step by step tutorial on how to smoke salmon, or any other fatty fish.

Classic Tuna Salad
A traditional, classic recipe for a simple tunafish sandwich. American tuna salad recipes are all over the map, but here is a high-quality classic tuna sandwich recipe.

How to Make Gravlax, or Scandinavian Cured Salmon
This is a traditional method for making that Scandinavian delicacy, gravlax. It is a cured salmon that relies on dill as its main flavoring.

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