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Shrimp Recipes

Recipes for everything from tiny cocktail shrimp up to the giant freshwater shrimp and langoustines

Holiday Shrimp and Crawfish Jambalaya -- An Easy New Orleans Seafood Party Dish
An easy New Orleans, shrimp, sausage, and crawfish jambalaya that will feed a crowd for holidays, special occasions, buffets, and dish-to-pass dinners.

Harvest Shrimp Salad with Apples, Cranberries, and Walnuts Recipe
The sweet flavors of the season are captured in this richly textured shrimp salad. It makes a great sandwich or salad for lunch, brunch, or a snack.

Easy Four Season Shrimp & Artichoke Salad Recipe -- A Delicious Hot or Cold Dish
A quick and easy salad that's refreshing when served nicely chilled in spring and summer -- and equally good served warm in the colder months.

Easy Classic Shrimp Salad -- How to Make Shrimp Salad
Here's an easy recipe for shrimp salad made with small, flavorful shrimp and crisp veggies that produces classic results.

Grilled Shrimp & Scallops Skewers -- Grilled Seafood with Uncle Mike's Spice Mix
Simple to make but full of flavor, these grilled shrimp and scallop skewers -- made with Uncle Mike's Spice Mix -- are a real treat!

Seared Scallops & Shrimp with Balsamic Strawberries Recipe
This elegant scallop and shrimp dish, drizzled with a sweet, strawberry-flavored balsamic glaze, tastes like absolute heaven and is perfect for a romantic dinner for two.

Easy and Amazing Shrimp Deviled Egg Recipe -- How to Make Deviled Eggs & Shrimp
Bewitchingly delicious and addictive, these might be the best deviled eggs you've ever tried. They're easy to make and feature cool shrimp and zest Old Bay seafood seasoning. A fun appetizer for all, since there's very little 'fire' in these devilish goodies!

Calypso Shrimp and Rice Recipe -- How to Make Shrimp with Coconut Pineapple Rice
This creamy, sweet, and savory shrimp dish is full of tropical flavors like coconut, pineapple, allspice, and fresh lime. It's also very easy to make and a real crowd pleaser.

Asian Steamed Shrimp and Pork Purses Recipe -- How to Make Shrimp & Pork Dim Sum
These steamed dumpling 'purses' are a delightful dim sum appetizer filled with shrimp, pork, and vibrant Asian flavor.

Crispy Asian Asparagus Rolls with Shrimp & Pork Appetizer Recipe
A fun and tasty appetizer with asparagus and an Asian shrimp and pork filling rolled up in a crispy dumpling wrapper. Great for parties, special occasions, or as a first course.

Seafood a la King with Tilapia, Shrimp, & Crab Recipe -- Easy Tilapia a la King
A delicate, creamy sauce enrobes tilapia, shrimp, and crab in this crowd-pleasing dish that's fancy enough for special occasions, but easy enough for a weeknight family meal.

Asian Shrimp and Pork Stuffed Snow Peas Recipe -- A Quick & Easy Party Appetizer
As tasty as they are elegant, these crispy snow peas have a garlicky, Asian-style shrimp and pork filling. Great as a party appetizer or as an impressive first course.

Asian Shrimp & Pork Filling Recipe - How to Make Filling for Chinese Dim Sum
Want to make delicious Asian appetizers like wontons, potstickers, spring rolls, and more? Start with this super easy recipe for savory shrimp and pork filling and let your imagination run wild!

Twin Hearts Apricot Glazed Shrimp and Peppadew Salad Recipe
Show your affection with this beautiful salad of apricot-glazed shrimp, sweet peppadews, and brandied apricots!

Crab and Shrimp Salad Cheddar Melt Sandwich Recipe
A tasty new variation on the classic grilled cheese. Way more upscale and fun than a tuna melt!

Easy Crab and Shrimp Salad Recipe - How to Make a Tasty Shrimp & Crab Meat Salad
A delicious and easy seafood salad featuring shrimp and crabmeat

Shrimp And Feta Hand Pies Recipe - How to Make Greek Style Shrimp & Feta Pies
A creamy Greek-style shrimp & feta cheese filling in a flaky crust make these hand pies a delightful and easy-to-make alternative to those frozen 'pockets'

Bacon Wrapped Sweet Chili Shrimp with Macadamia Recipe
A deliciously sweet and spicy treat that features two of America's favorite foods - bacon and shrimp - brushed with tangy sweet chili sauce and topped with crushed macadamia nuts.

Catalan Garlic Shrimp Cocktail Recipe - How to Make Garlic Shrimp Cocktail
Here's a shrimp cocktail that might single-handedly give the shrimp cocktail concept a good name again! It packs a take-no-prisoners punch of flavor that will make you forget every boring version you ever had.

Hungarian Style Paprika Shrimp - How to Make Hungarian Shrimp with Paprika ...
Hungarian Style Paprika Shrimp - How to Make Hungarian Shrimp with Paprika & Anise

Shrimp and Artichoke Mini Peppers Appetizer Recipe -- Healthy and Easy to Make!
Last minute rush? Try these easy to make Shrimp and Artichoke Mini Peppers appetizers. Filled with flavor, they are a real crowd pleaser and a healthy alternative to chips and dip.

Moroccan Spicy Shrimp
A recipe for spicy sauteed shrimp cooked in a Moroccan style, with cumin, paprika, coriander and a little ginger. This shrimp recipe is very quick, and easy to cook.

Classic Shrimp Scampi
A recipe for classic shrimp scampi, a dish popular in the 1970s that is enjoying a revival. Shrimp scampi is excellent with crusty bread or pasta.

Japanese Shrimp with Egg
A Japanese shrimp recipe that relies on a special method for keeping the shrimp crispy, shrimp that you then coat them in egg yolk and serve over rice. It is a simple shrimp recipe that is definitely off the beaten path.

Stir-Fried Sweet Shrimp Vietnam
A Vietnamese shrimp recipe that uses a bit of sugar to caramelize the shrimp once you stir-fry them. Stir-frying the shrimp keeps them tender, and the spicy caramel flavor makes these a hit.

Northern Pink Shrimp in Ceviche: Citrus-marinated shrimp
A recipe that uses the sustainably caught Northern pink shrimp, or pandalus borealis, in a light and refreshing ceviche. Marinating shrimp in citrus juice is a great way to make a cooling summer appetizer.

Shrimp Risotto
A shrimp risotto recipe -- basically shrimp and rice, Italian style -- that uses herbs and seafood stock for its main flavors.

Spanish-style Sauteed Shrimp
Recipe for Spanish-style sauteed shrimp with garlic, parsley and chiles.

Clove-infused Shrimp
A recipe for a clove-scented shrimp salad.

Japanese Sake Steamed Shrimp
Deceptively simple, this is a Japanese take on shrimp cocktail. It calls for dashi, which are dried bonito flakes available at Asian markets.

Cuban Shrimp Soup
This is an unusual Cuban variant on a bisque: It is a pureed soup made from fish stock, tomato and cloves, to which shrimp are added at the last minute.

Shrimp and Mushroom Crescent Puff Recipe - How to Make These Creamy Shrimp Puffs
Buttery puffs of crescent dough filled with a creamy tarragon-scented shrimp and mushroom filling. Very easy and very impressive.

Biscuits with Shrimp and Sausage Gravy Recipe -- How to Make this Breakfast Dish
Shrimp for breakfast? Absolutely! Shrimp and grits has been a breakfast standard in the South for a very long time. Sausage gravy over biscuits is another venerable tradition. The addition of shrimp to biscuits and gravy opens up a whole new can of delight!

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