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12 Days of Christmas Seafood Appetizer Recipes

A hand-picked selection of taste-tempting appetizer recipes for holiday parties.


Serving a variety of delicious, tempting appetizers at holiday parties is a good way to feed your guests while still having time to enjoy the party yourself. Just set out some of these fish and seafood appetizers at your next occasion and join the fun!

1. Bacon Wrapped Sweet Chili Shrimp with Macadamia Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Sweet Chili Shrimp with Macadamia
Doug DuCap
"This is a super fast and super easy recipe that everyone will love. It makes an impressive appetizer and is terrific for parties and special occasions."

2. Zesty Clam and Pimento Cheese Spread with Country Ham Recipe

Zesty Clam and Pimento Cheese Spread with Country Ham Recipe
Doug DuCap
"This recipe incorporates chopped clams and savory country ham for a flavor match made in heaven. It's delicious served cold on crackers, fruit, or vegetables, or as a sandwich filling, but when you spread it on small toasts and broil it, it is utterly sublime!"

3. Cranberry Onion Crab Cups Recipe

Cranberry Onion Crab Cups
Doug DuCap
"When you want something elegant yet easy for a special occasion or holiday party, these delicious crab appetizers are an excellent choice."

4. Shrimp and Artichoke Mini Peppers Appetizer Recipe

Shrimp and Artichoke Mini Peppers
Doug DuCap
"Here's an appetizer recipe that's easy to make, economical, and a real crowd pleaser. Plus, it's got the added benefit of being much healthier than chips and dip. Your family may not even notice that they're happily munching on vegetables -- and if you don't want to tell them, your secret's safe with me!"

5. Calamares a la Romana - Fried Squid Recipe

Calamares Fritos - Fried Squid (c) 2007 L. Sierra Licensed to About.com
Lisa Sierra
"Fried squid or in Spanish calamares fritos is a very popular appetizer or tapa in Spain and here in the USA. You might know this dish by the name Calamares a la Romana. Fresh or frozen squid can be purchased in most grocery stores, in the frozen food section, a dozen to a box."

6. Mediterranean Stuffed Mussels with Almonds & Dates Recipe

Mediterranean Stuffed Mussels with Almonds & Dates
Doug DuCap
"These incredibly addictive appetizers were inspired by a Turkish stuffed mussel dish called midye dolmas. The taste is exotic, yet familiar, and it's hard to stop eating these once you start. In other words, don't be surprised if this dish is the one that disappears fastest at your next party!"

7. Seared Spanish Sea Scallops with Saffron Recipe

Spanish seared sea scallops
Holly A. Heyser
"This is a wonderful sea scallop recipe from Galicia, in northern Spain. The scallops are seared hard on one side, then simmered with sweet onions, saffron, a little ham, sherry and parsley -- it's a great dish served simply with crusty bread and a green salad."

8. Easy Salmon and Salsa Taquitos Appetizer Recipe

Easy Salmon and Salsa Taquitos
Doug DuCap
"These tasty taquitos are not only made with salmon instead of beef or pork, they're baked instead of fried, making them considerably lower in fat. Add in the fact that they've got a good dose of veggies, too, and you've got a healthier choice overall."

9. Amazing Shrimp Deviled Egg Recipe

Easy and Amazing Shrimp Topped Deviled Eggs
Doug DuCap
"Deceptively simple, this deviled egg recipe produces such incredible flavor that you might think there's some kind of magic involved. But it really is just hard boiled eggs and a few ingredients -- with the addition of cool shrimp and zesty seafood seasoning -- that make these as special as they are."

10. Fried Smelt with Vietnamese Dipping Sauce Recipe

Vietnamese-style fried smelt
Holly A. Heyser
"Frozen smelt are inexpensive and readily available in most supermarkets, and they can be fried in rice flour and served with a Vietnamese dipping sauce for a quick and easy Asian appetizer."

11. Asian Shrimp and Pork Stuffed Snow Peas Recipe

Asian Shrimp and Pork Stuffed Snow Peas
Doug DuCap
"This is a party appetizer that also makes an elegant amuse-bouche or first course. Delicious served hot or at room temperature, try these next time you want to treat your guests to something a little bit different and special."

12. Smoky Salmon and Green Chile Party Dip Recipe

Smoky Salmon and Green Chile Party Dip
Doug DuCap
"This creamy dip delivers the rich flavors of hot-smoked salmon -- without the expense. It uses flavorful (and economical) canned salmon with a small amount of high quality liquid smoke seasoning to create a tasty and very addictive party dip that can also be used as a spread. Roasted green chiles bring another layer of tangy, smoky goodness to the party."
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