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Shellfish Recipes (Clams, Oysters, Mussels, Scallops)

There's more to shellfish than the raw bar. Clams, mussels, oysters and scallops are part of any seafood cook's repertoire. Here are some excellent ways to cook them.
  1. Clam Recipes (10)
  2. Mussel Recipes (8)
  3. Other Shellfish Recipes (6)
  4. Oyster Recipes (9)
  5. Scallop Recipes (10)

Celebrate Chinese New Year with These Delicious Seafood Recipes!
The Chinese year 4710 is the Year of the Dragon -- and it's a great opportunity to celebrate with these shrimp, lobster, and seafood dishes!

Clam and Feta Cheese Puffs Recipe -- How to Make a Greek Style Party Appetizer
Made with chopped clams, feta cheese, Greek seasonings, and easy to make homemade puff pastry dough, these savory clam and feta puffs will be a popular appetizer at your next holiday party or other special occasion.

12 Days of Christmas Seafood Appetizer Recipes
A hand-picked selection of taste-tempting appetizer recipe ideas for Christmas and holiday parties, special occasions, buffets, or anytime!

Clam Noodles with Chinese Sausage and Peppers Recipe
Tender, briny clams are accented by the deeply concentrated flavor of Chinese sausage in this colorful, multi-textured noodle dish.

14 Exciting Fish and Seafood Recipes Featuring Beer
You don't have to wait for Oktoberfest or St. Patty's Day -- you can celebrate the flavorful pairing of beer and seafood any time of year with these delicious recipes

50+ Delicious Fish & Seafood Recipes From Doug DuCap
The first 50 recipes (and then some) from About.com's Fish and Seafood Cooking Guide, Doug DuCap

Penne with Clams, Pepperoni, & Italian Green Beans Recipe - An Easy Gourmet Meal
An easy and wildly delicious pasta with clam sauce recipe that features pepperoni, Italian green beans, garlic, and butter. It uses frozen, pre-cooked clams for convenience and is ready in minutes.

Grilled Shrimp & Scallops Skewers -- Grilled Seafood with Uncle Mike's Spice Mix
Simple to make but full of flavor, these grilled shrimp and scallop skewers -- made with Uncle Mike's Spice Mix -- are a real treat!

How to Grill Fish And Seafood -- Recipes and Tips for Delicious BBQ Grilling
Grilled fish is a delight, but grilling fish and seafood can seem a bit intimidating. Here are some basic tips, along with a selection of appealing recipes to get you started.

Mediterranean Stuffed Mussels with Almonds & Dates Recipe
These mussels, with an aromatic, coriander-scented stuffing of rice, almonds, dates, and green onions, are a delicious and diabolically addictive appetizer!

Easy Italian Mussel, Tomato, & Basil Salad Recipe -- A Refreshing Seafood Salad
Plump mussels, ripe tomatoes, and sweet basil -- along with savory olives, red onion, and green pepper -- combine in a light, garlic-laced dressing for a cool and refreshing Italian seafood salad.

Seared Scallops & Shrimp with Balsamic Strawberries Recipe
This elegant scallop and shrimp dish, drizzled with a sweet, strawberry-flavored balsamic glaze, tastes like absolute heaven and is perfect for a romantic dinner for two.

Oyster Roast FAQ and Etiquette Guide, Part 1
Oyster roasts are fun and delicious affairs, but if you've never been to one then you need to read this two-part guide to the ins and outs of oyster roasts and oyster festivals.

Oyster Roast FAQ and Etiquette Guide, Part 2
Oyster roasts are fun and delicious affairs, but if you've never been to one then you need to read this two-part guide to the ins and outs of oyster roasts and oyster festivals.

Italian Pasta Soup with White Beans & Scallops -- Pasta e Fagioli with Scallops
Pasta e Fagioli with Scallops is a simple white bean, pasta, and seafood dish that's easy, quick, and richly satisfying.

Culinary Pearls for Your Palate: 5 Classic Oyster Recipes
These culinary classics highlight the wonderful briny savor and versatility of oysters.

Dinner for 2: 14 Romantic Seafood Recipes for Valentine's Day
In addition to candy, flowers, and cards, Valentine's Day offers the opportunity to show your affection with a specially prepared meal for your spouse or significant other. Here are some sumptuous recipe ideas to stir your sweetie's appetite.

Spicy Clam and Mushroom Cheddar Dip Recipe -- How to Make Hot Clam Dip Appetizer
Looking for a spicy, crowd-pleasing party appetizer that's great for game days and get-togethers? This hot appetizer leaves regular old clam dip in the dust! It's got mushrooms, green onions,and Old Bay seasoning in a cheddar sauce flavored with sherry wine. Delicious!

5 Quick Deep Frying Tips for Seafood
Why are some deep fried foods light and crisp while others are greasy and limp? These simple tips will make all the difference in your results!

Cajun Clam Sauce Recipe - How to Make Linguine with Cajun-Style Clam Sauce
Linguine with white clam sauce is delicious, but sometimes you want something with a little more zing. This recipe for Cajun Clam Sauce is just the ticket.

Zesty Clam and Pimento Cheese Spread with Country Ham Recipe
Zesty pimento cheese with chopped clams and savory country ham is a flavor match made in heaven. It's delicious on crackers or as a sandwich filling; spread on small toasts and broiled, it's sublime!

15+ Deliciously Different Seafood Appetizer and Tapas Recipes
A hand-picked selection of exciting appetizer and tapas recipes to thrill friends and family during the holidays of for special occasions.

Pan-seared Scallops and Pungent Greens with Hot Bacon Dressing
easy recipe scallops hot bacon dressing south southern greens seafood

Texas Gulf Crab Salad in Avocado
This is a quick and easy blue crab salad with Texas seafood and Tex-Mex flavors served in avocado for lunch or dinner or a party, simple and delicious.

Huîtres Grillées au Beurre d'Herbes
This is a quick and easy seafood recipe for grilled oyster outside on a hot grill and served with a French inspired butter wine sauce to dip; serve at dinner or party or brunch

Five-Spice Powder Fried Oyster Banh Mi with Roasted Garlic Butter
It’s a delicious dish when two favorite sandwiches meet in a fabulous fusion of crispy oysters and Asian spice. This seafood recipe is quick and easy for lunch and dinner.

Cinco de Clammo, a Michelada-inspired clam shooter, celebrates everyday
The classic Mexican cocktail, Michelada, gets remade into shooters spiked with fresh clams for a refreshing quick cocktail with Cinco de Clammo, quick and easy

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