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Raw Fish: Sushi, Ceviche, Carpaccio, Crudo

Raw fish means more than just sushi and sashimi. Many cultures celebrate the freshest fish by eating it raw, from Italian crudo to Peruvian ceviche. Raw seafood has a radically different taste and texture from cooked, and it requires a good eye for quality to make these dishes shine.

Tuna Sashimi with Daikon and Ginger
A recipe for Japanese tuna sashimi, or raw tuna with a dipping sauce and a light daikon salad. Always use sashimi or sushi-grade tuna for this recipe.

Choosing Fish and Seafood for Sushi, Sashimi or Other Raw Dishes
A description of which fish and seafood to choose for sushi, sashimi or other raw dishes. Eating raw fish has its risks, and this list helps you when choosing fish for sushi.

Halibut Tartare with Sungold Tomatoes
A halibut tartare recipe that brings out the mild flavor of the halibut with sungold tomatoes, olive oil and limes. Raw, chopped halibut is a variation on the classic tuna tartare.

Citrus Marinated Halibut Thai-Style
This ceviche recipe for citrus-marinated halibut uses a mix of herbs and spices commonly seen in Thai cooking. Halibut ceviche is a cool way to eat when it's hot out. You could also use snapper, rockfish, flounder or tuna in this recipe.

Classic Peruvian Ceviche
A classic Peruvian ceviche recipe that serves as a basis for a range of raw fish recipes.

Tuna Carpaccio
An authentic tuna carpaccio recipe, based off the original beef dish invented in Harry's Bar in Venice during the 1950s. This one uses Harry's homemade mayonnaise and a dash of good mustard, but uses tuna.

Tuna Tartare
This is my take on a classic, tuna tartare. Use only the finest quality tuna for this.

Italian Fish Crudo
The Italian version of sashimi, crudo is simple raw fish dish.

Making Sushi
The most popular raw fish dish, sushi is one of those things most of us leave to experts. But it can be done at home with a few tips and a bit of special equipment.

Salmon Crudo with Fennel-Mint Slaw

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