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Beyond the Basics - Advanced Techniques and Special Recipes


This section is for those of you who cook fish and seafood a lot, or who are looking for a tip, technique or recipe for an unusual fish, difficult preparation or special occasion. Here's where we get fancy.
  1. Techniques and Tips
  2. Special Occasion Recipes

Techniques and Tips

A butterflied fish

Filleting a fish is a pretty basic skill. But butterflying one is not. Here's where I offer tips on some of the skills that separate seafood cooks from those who just cook seafood once and a while.

Special Occasion Recipes

oyster veloute

These recipes are neither quick nor easy. Well, some are, but most involve either hard-to-find ingredients or employ techniques that I wouldn't want to do on a week night. Think of this as the "weekend cooking" section.

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