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Fish and Seafood Recipes by Method


Sometimes you just want to fry some fish. Or saute some scallops. Or steam a pot of clams. Here are fish and seafood recipes arranged by the way you want to cook.
  1. Frying Fish and Seafood
  2. Grilling Fish
  3. Sauteing Fish and Seafood
  4. Boiling and Steaming

Frying Fish and Seafood

Batter fried tilapia

The most basic -- and most popular -- method for cooking a piece of fish or some seafood is by frying. And by frying I mean in plenty of oil and often with a coating of some sort, such as a tempura or beer batter.

Grilling Fish

Grilled red snapper Yucatan

Grilling fish is a healthy way to enjoy that crispy flavor without so much oil. Plus, that smoky flavor of a charcoal or wood fire adds something you just cannot get indoors. Think about a slab of salmon grilled over an alder fire, or a few dozen oysters slapped on the grill until they pop open. Sound delish?

Sauteing Fish and Seafood

Spanish seared scallops

This is not quite frying, but sauteing does require some oil and a frying pan. The difference here is high heat and just enough oil to prevent the fish fillet or scallop or whatever from sticking. These dishes are often finished with a pan sauce.

Boiling and Steaming

Basic steamed lobster

Very few fish and seafood dishes are good boiled -- crabs and lobsters being a notable exception -- but many of them are excellent steamed. The French enclosed delicate fish in parchment paper, while the Chinese steam whole fish and serve them with spicy sauces.

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