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Getting Started with Fish and Seafood


If you're new to cooking fish and seafood, this is the place to start learning the basics of choosing, storing and cooking with fish, which can be as varied as the oceans are wide. Even if you're not so new at cooking seafood, this is the spot to brush up on the fundamentals.
  1. Choosing the Best Fish and Seafood
  2. Storing Your Fish
  3. Basic Cooking Techniques
  4. Simple Seafood Recipes

Choosing the Best Fish and Seafood

Swordfish for sale

As a cook, you can't do much with poor quality fish or seafood, so knowing how to choose the best is vital to your success. Here's where you'll learn about where to look, what to look for, and what to avoid.

Storing Your Fish

Pacific surfperch on ice

Once you've bought your fish, the path to a great meal is only just begun. If you are not cooking your puchase -- or catch -- immediately, you will want to learn these tips on how best to keep your seafood as fresh as it can be.

Basic Cooking Techniques

Filleting a flatfish

These are a few things every seafood cook should know how to do: Things like filleting a fish, scaling a fish, searing a fish fillet, making fish stock, etc. Think of this section as the building blocks of being a skilled fish cook.

Simple Seafood Recipes

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These are some easy fish and seafood recipes for beginners or for anyone who is in a hurry or doesn't feel like something complex. That doesn't mean these recipes aren't tasty, it just means they're easy to make and often quick to cook.

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