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Choosing and Storing Fish

The first step to a fantastic fish meal is choosing the freshest seafood you can find. Being a good seafood cook means being flexible: If the flounder isn't great, switch to seabass. If the crab looks iffy, try the shrimp. But how do you make that choice? It's easy if you know what to look for.

10 Valuable Sustainability Resources

Visit these sustainability-related resources for help on making good fish and seafood choices. You'll also find enticing recipes, a 'virtual seafood market' game, and much more.

5 Supermarket Seafood Secrets
How fresh is "fresh", really? What little-known free service can save you lots of time? When is a bargain definitely not a bargain? These useful tips will help you to make the best choices to get your money's worth -- and more!

Cookbook Spotlight: One Big Table - A Potrait of American Cooking
A look at author and New York Times food columnist Molly O'Neill's beautifully written and illustrated collection of American recipes.

Cookbook Spotlight: One Big Table - A Potrait of American Cooking
A look at author and New York Times food columnist Molly O'Neill's beautifully written and illustrated collection of American recipes.

Buy Seafood at a Supermarket
A guide to buying seafood in a supermarket. Tips on what to look for and how to choose quality fish and seafood in a regular supermarket.

How to Cook Spaghetti Squash the Easy Way -- An Easier, Safer Method
Is there a better way to microwave spaghetti squash? You bet! Cook it in half the space with no plastic wrap (which can melt) and no dangerous steaming. Easier than you could imagine!

Buy Fish - Check for Mercury
A listing of fish and seafood that are high and low in mercury levels -- fish for pregnant women and children to avoid and those to eat more of.

Buy Fish or Shellfish
How to tell if a fish is fresh at the market. Unless you caught the fish yourself, you really have no way of knowing exactly how fresh it is. Choosing fresh fish and seafood is easy if you follow these tips on buying fish and seafood.

Fats, Oils and Fish and Seafood
You will get different results depending on which oil you use to cook fish or seafood. Olive oil will do one thing, butter another and peanut oil something else. Here's how to choose.

Seafood to Avoid - Don't Eat Endangered Fish and Seafood
Some fish ought not to be eaten, because we have so overfished them that these fish and other sea creatures are becoming endangered. Bluefin tuna, Atlantic cod and Chilean seabass are just a few popular examples. If you want to eat them again down the road, it's time to give them a break now -- here is a list of some especially endangered seafood along with some sustainable alternatives. Where I …

Pairing Wine with Seafood - Go-To Wines with Fish
Pairing wine with fish or seafood can be daunting. Yes, white wines are generally the right choice -- but which ones? Choose a dry white when you need a full-bodied, lush wine and you will be disappointed. What about seafood with heavy sauces, like barbecue or tomato sauce? Do you use the same wine with grilled shrimp that you do with lobster Newburg? It can all be confusing. Here are some quick …

Five Top Online Fish Markets
Let's face it: Buying a whole king salmon and having it shipped across the country in pristine condition isn't cheap. But if you must have a certain fish or seafood that isn't local, the premium online market is the way to go. Here are five quality online markets you should consider if you're ordering seafood over the internet.

Why it's Better to Buy American Seafood
The phrase "buy American" has never meant more than when choosing and buying seafood. Choosing American fish and shellfish will go a long way toward eating sustainable seafood -- and keeping US fisheries afloat.

Five Omega-3 Champs
We hear a lot about eating more omega-3 fatty acids these days. It seems like every week a new study comes out that highlights another health benefit to eating this "good fat," which is found in fatty fish that swim in cold water. Some of us remember that fish used to be called "brain food." Omega-3s are the reason why. They are a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps the body heal all sorts of p…

Handling Your Catch for the Table
How to best handle the fish you catch so they give you as much pleasure at the table as they did catching them.

Why Frozen Fish May Be Better
When shopping for fish, don't forget the freezer section: Buying frozen fish is often better than buying "fresh," because many fish are often frozen on the boat. This means they're fresher.

How to Freeze your Fish
Instructions on how to properly freeze fish to prevent freezer burn or spoilage.

Storing Fresh Fish
How to store fresh fish at home.

How to Choose Sustainable Fish and Seafood
Valuable tips for choosing sustainable fish and seafood in the supermarket or fish market, with links to helpful resources.

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