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Fish Steak Recipes

For a fish so large it cannot be filleted properly, such as tuna, large salmon, halibut or swordfish, steaks are the way to go. Thick, meaty steaks are the perfect fish for grilling or broiling, and lend themselves to heartier dishes than do delicate fillets.

Peppery Caesar Tuna Kebabs Recipe -- How to Make Grilled Tuna Skewers
Super simple and so delicious! Grill these tuna kebabs outdoors, or broil them inside for a peppery, flavor-rich, and low fat treat!

Curried Tuna Salad with Cashews and Raisins Recipe
A deliciously fun variation on the classic tuna salad sandwich. Cashews provide the crunch, raisins add sweetness, and curry brings a touch of the exotic to this lunch, brunch, or tea time dish.

Wine Poached Tuna with Leeks Recipe - How to Make Tuna in White Wine & Butter
Lightly poached tuna is juicy and full of flavor --especially when it's been poached with leeks in white wine, butter, and chicken stock. The reduced poaching liquid becomes an incredible sauce that is spooned over the tuna and a bed of herb-scented rice.

Grilled Albacore Kebabs
A recipe for albacore tuna kebabs with bell peppers and onion. This is a quick, easy and low-fat tuna recipe that also works with swordfish or sturgeon.

Traditional Yellowtail or Tuna Teriyaki
A recipe for a traditional teriyaki sauce for fish and seafood, in this case hamachi, or yellowtail. Teriyaki also goes great with tuna, swordfish, seabass, mackerel or catfish.

Lebanese Swordfish with Tarator Sauce
A recipe for swordfish with a Lebanese sauce called tarator, which is like a mayonnaise made with pine nuts, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. This recipe is also good with sturgeon, shark or Pacific white seabass.

Swordfish Cadiz - A Recipe for Spanish Swordfish Marinated and Fried
A Spanish swordfish recipe where the fish is marinated then fried. This swordfish recipe makes a great appetizer or tapas.

Swordfish Siracusa - A Southern Italian Swordfish Recipe
A recipe for simmered swordfish in the style of Syracuse -- the Italian Syracuse, not New York. This Italian swordfish recipe simmers the fish in a fragrant tomato sauce.

Tuna Steaks, Canary Islands Style
A recipe for tuna steaks with a Spanish-style sauce from the Canary Islands -- it's a rich, spicy salmorejo sauce with lots of paprika, garlic, wine and roasted red peppers. A recipe for any kind of tuna steak.

Lingcod (or Cod) with Cumin-Scented Tomato Sauce
A recipe for lingcod or cod steaks with a cumin-scented tomato sauce, accented with a bit of fresh dill. Lingcod is a perfect fish for this dish, but it will also work with bluefish, seabass, grouper or haddock.

Thai Green Curry Halibut
A halibut recipe done Thai-style, where you simmer the halibut in a spicy green curry. Green curry goes well with halibut, but you can use any other firm fish for this recipe.

Sauteed Halibut with Simmered Tomatoes
A recipe for sauteed halibut with tomatoes that are briefly simmered with a bit of fish stock. This is a great summer halibut recipe, but you could also use albacore, swordfish, shark, white seabass or yellowtail

Honeyed Seabass Greek Style
A Greek-style white seabass recipe that uses honey and Asian fish sauce as a sweet and savory glaze. This recipe also can be done with shrimp, lobster, halibut, sturgeon, swordfish, shark or any other firm fish.

Simple Yet Elegant: White Seabass with Roasted Red Peppers
A recipe for white seabass, also known as corvina, sauteed and served with chives and fire-roasted red peppers.

Halibut in a Saffron Brine with an Italian Salsa Verde
This recipe is a play on color: Halibut steaks brined with saffron and served atop an Italian salsa verde. A perfect spring halibut recipe.

Sicilian Swordfish Steaks
Sicilians eat a lot of swordfish, and here is a classic preparation. It is perfect for the grill.

Greek Swordfish Kebabs
There are many versions of swordfish on a stick; this Greek rendition is as simple as they come. Do it only with pristine fish and garden-fresh veggies.

Bourbon Tuna Steaks
A zippy, Asian-Southern fusion sauce for tuna steaks. Be careful to put the sauce on toward the end of cooking -- otherwise it will burn and be acrid.

Jamaican Jerked Halibut
This is a strong, spicy rub for a mild, firm fish such as halibut. It's perfect with a mojito for a summer evening's outdoor dinner.

Halibut Tostadas
An interesting take on fish tacos, this halibut recipe uses fiery yellow aji chiles and avocados on a crisp tostada.

Orange Tuna with Snow Peas Recipe - How to Make a Delicious Orange Tuna Stir-Fry
Tuna steak marinated with sweet Asian ponzu sauce, in a stir fry with snow peas, mandarin oranges, and almonds.

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