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Fish Fillet Recipes

The most popular cut of fish is the boneless fillet. Why? It's the most versatile, whether the recipe is as simple as lemon butter or as complex as a stuffed or rolled fillet with a compound sauce. You'll find it all here.
  1. Catfish Recipes (9)
  2. Flatfish Recipes (8)
  3. Salmon Recipes (15)
  4. Snapper and Bass Recipes (9)
  5. Unusual Fish Recipes (12)

Crunchy Memphis Fried Fish Sandwich Recipe -- How to Make Memphis Rub Fried Fish
A delightfully crunchy beer batter fried fish seasoned with zesty Memphis barbeque rub spice mix. Surprise your family with this unusual and exceptionally delicious fish sandwich. Makes a great lunchtime treat.

Happy Memories: Warming Seafood Soup and Sandwich Recipes
Few meals are as richly soul-satisfying and restorative as the soup and sandwich combination. Here's a collection of seafood soups, stews, sandwiches, and sandwich fillings that you can mix and match to your liking.

14 Exciting Fish and Seafood Recipes Featuring Beer
You don't have to wait for Oktoberfest or St. Patty's Day -- you can celebrate the flavorful pairing of beer and seafood any time of year with these delicious recipes

Asian Sesame Barramundi with Garlic Bok Choy Recipe
A light, delicate crust with crunchy sesame seeds enfolds bite-size nuggets of sweet fish in this elegant, easy to make entree. Garlicky baby bok choy greens (with a little added zing from red pepper flakes) are the perfect companion.

Peppery Caesar Tuna Kebabs Recipe -- How to Make Grilled Tuna Skewers
Super simple and so delicious! Grill these tuna kebabs outdoors, or broil them inside for a peppery, flavor-rich, and low fat treat!

50+ Delicious Fish & Seafood Recipes From Doug DuCap
The first 50 recipes (and then some) from About.com's Fish and Seafood Cooking Guide, Doug DuCap

Easy Tilapia Piccata Recipe -- How to Make Tilapia with Lemon Caper Sauce
An easy and elegant dish of lightly pan-fried tilapia fillets in a vibrant sauce of white wine, fresh lemon juice, and capers. A go-to recipe for holidays, birthdays, or any day!

Asian Broiled Flounder Lettuce Wraps -- How to Make Asian Vegetable Rolls
These tasty and satisfying veggie rolls with Asian-style broiled flounder are low carb as well as low fat (they use just a dab of wasabi mayo) and are full of crunchy vegetables. Who knew that being virtuous could be so delicious?

Honey BBQ Salmon Sticks Recipe -- Delicious Easy Barbequed Salmon
These easy to make salmon 'sticks' -- thick cut fillet pieces with a tangy ginger honey sauce -- will jazz up a weekday meal or satisfy the non red meat eaters at your next barbeque.

10+ Deliciously Exotic Mango and Seafood Recipes -- Fish & Seafood with Mango
The sweet and sunny flavor of mango pairs beautifully with fish and seafood in these fun recipes.

Blooming Barramundi -- Crispy Fried Barramundi Fish Fillet Recipe
Barramundi is an Australian favorite, and Blooming Onions are a favorite appetizer at Outback Steakhouse. This recipe combines them into a delightful version of this sweet flavored fish.

How to Grill Fish And Seafood -- Recipes and Tips for Delicious BBQ Grilling
Grilled fish is a delight, but grilling fish and seafood can seem a bit intimidating. Here are some basic tips, along with a selection of appealing recipes to get you started.

100+ Exciting Seafood Recipes from Former Fish & Seafood Cooking Guide Hank Shaw
Author and James Beard Award nominee, Hank Shaw, created over 100 deliciously appealing recipes during his tenure as the About.com Fish and Seafood Cooking Guide. These pages present his recipes, sorted alphabetically by type, to make it easier to find and enjoy Hank's legacy of fine cooking.

Broiled Kansas City Cod Recipe -- How to Make Spice-Encrusted Fish Fillets
Kansas City Steak Seasoning is delicious, but too salty to use on fish and seafood. Here's an easy recipe for your own homemade Kansas City Fish Seasoning blend -- and a delicious broiled cod dish to use it on!

10 Terrific Tilapia Recipes
Tilapia is one of the most popular fish in America. With its sweet and mild white flesh, it's a very easy fish to like! Here are ten tempting recipes for preparing this delicious fish.

Cajun Perch Po Boys Recipe -- How to Make New Orleans Fish Po Boy Sandwiches
The 'Po-Boy' sandwich is a New Orleans favorite. This version features crunchy fried fish, zesty Cajun mayo, ripe tomatoes, and a sweetly spicy pepper slaw -- all piled on a long, crusty French loaf. Boo-yah!

Curried Tuna Salad with Cashews and Raisins Recipe
A deliciously fun variation on the classic tuna salad sandwich. Cashews provide the crunch, raisins add sweetness, and curry brings a touch of the exotic to this lunch, brunch, or tea time dish.

Tex Mex Mahi Mahi Fish Stew Recipe -- How to Make Southern Style Fish Stew
A zesty fish stew featuring flavorful mahi mahi, tomatoes, sweet corn, and zucchini in a garlicky broth.

Seafood a la King with Tilapia, Shrimp, & Crab Recipe -- Easy Tilapia a la King
A delicate, creamy sauce enrobes tilapia, shrimp, and crab in this crowd-pleasing dish that's fancy enough for special occasions, but easy enough for a weeknight family meal.

Japanese Style Broiled Kingklip with Wasabi Mango Rice Recipe
Kingklip is a great fish to broil or grill. Here, it gets the Japanese unagi treatment with a glaze of sweet & salty eel sauce before being paired with a stimulating wasabi mango rice.

Kerala Cod with Cashew Yogurt Sauce and Fresh Mango Recipe
Rich in spices but mild in heat, this lush, Indian-inspired cod dish is enhanced by warm, sweet mangos.

Crispy Cod with Three Pepper Gravy Recipe - How to Make Spicy Country Style Fish
A crunchy, zesty, southern style fish recipe that will make your mouth sing! Serve this with some creamy grits and you're in country comfort food heaven.

Dinner for 2: 14 Romantic Seafood Recipes for Valentine's Day
In addition to candy, flowers, and cards, Valentine's Day offers the opportunity to show your affection with a specially prepared meal for your spouse or significant other. Here are some sumptuous recipe ideas to stir your sweetie's appetite.

Easy Salmon and Salsa Taquitos Recipe -- How to Make Salmon Taquito Appetizers
Made with cooked salmon and lively salsa, these healthier baked taquitos are great for parties, as a light lunch, or an afternoon snack.

Wine Poached Tuna with Leeks Recipe - How to Make Tuna in White Wine & Butter
Lightly poached tuna is juicy and full of flavor --especially when it's been poached with leeks in white wine, butter, and chicken stock. The reduced poaching liquid becomes an incredible sauce that is spooned over the tuna and a bed of herb-scented rice.

Mexican Cornbread Tilapia Casserole Recipe -- How to Make a Tex Mex Tilapia Bake
Tender tilapia, sweet corn, roasted red peppers, and jalapenos baked under a cheese-topped corn muffin crust -- now that's good eating!

Pomegranate Glazed Salmon with Apple Horseradish Cream & Baby Shallot Potatoes
Perfect for a special birthday or anniversary, a romantic dinner (like Valentine's Day), or when you just want to show off a bit in the kitchen, this Pomegranate Glazed Salmon looks fancy and tastes amazing!

Steamed Flounder with Ginger and Black Beans in Foil Packets
A simple recipe that produces beautiful and fragrant results. Asian black beans add a special flavor to the delicate flounder, and the ginger, garlic, and scallions are the perfect accompanying notes. A drizzle of sesame oil adds another level of Asian flair.

5 Quick Deep Frying Tips for Seafood
Why are some deep fried foods light and crisp while others are greasy and limp? These simple tips will make all the difference in your results!

Red Wine Braised Perch with Olives & Sun Dried Tomatoes
A delicious and easy dish with an Italian flair. Braising flavorful ocean perch in red wine gives it a wonderful flavor and rich color.

Spicy Deviled Whiting Recipe -- How to Make Easy Deviled Whiting Fillets
Spicy (but not overly hot) and very flavorful, this whiting dish is a sure-fire cure for BTS: Bored Tastebud Syndrome.

Using Different Flours for Cooking Fish and Seafood
Tips on how different flours can change the flavor and texture of a recipe, especially when cooking fosh and seafood.

My Dad's Simple Broiled Haddock
A quick and easy recipe for broiled haddock, cod or pollock moistened with butter, topped with bread crumbs and served with lemon.

How to sear a fish fillet
How to sear a fish fillet

Basic Beer Batter Recipe for Fish and Seafood
A quick and easy recipe for a beer batter that goes great with fish and seafood. This fish-and-chips recipe is light and airy, despite the fact that it is deep-fried. It works well with tilapia, cod, haddock, walleye, seabass, snapper, halibut -- really any firm fish. You can even use it for shrimp, calamari or oysters.

Oil-Poached Tilapia with Salsa
This tilapia recipe makes best use of this mild white fish. Slowly cooking the fish fillets in oil adds depth to the tilapia, while a zesty habanero-tangerine salsa adds a burst of flavor. You could substitute any fish fillet for this recipe.

Spicy Mojito Mahi Mahi Recipe - How to Make Delicious Mojito Mahi Mahi
Grilled mahi recipe featuring Mojito cocktail flavors of lime, mint, and rum with a spicy touch of green pepper sauce.

Peanut-Crusted Sweet Chili Tilapia Recipe - How to Make Delicious Asian Tilapia
Easy recipe for Asian-style Tilapia with sweet chili sauce. Just a few simple ingredients makes this deliciously sweet and spicy tilapia dish.

Mahi Mahi: A Fish So Nice They Named It Twice
Meet Mahi Mahi! How to choose, store, and prepare delicious recipes for mahi mahi - AKA Dorado or Dolphinfish

Grilled Madras Salmon: Sweet Meets Heat in this Delightful, Easy Fish Dish - delicious salmon is enhanced with a chili rub with other hallmark flavors of Indian cuisine before having a glaze of mango preserves spiked with fresh lime juice applied. The fish can be grilled or baked, and is served with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil infused with citrus and a sprinkling of cilantro.

Yu-who? Unique yuzu adds zip to grilled mahi mahi

An Old World Twist on Tuna Salad
Italian tuna salad is a quick and easy fish seafood dish using canned tuna that is flavorful and great for parties, brunch, lunch and dinner

Cornmeal Crusted Catfish with Blueberry Salsa makes best of summer
cornmeal crusted catfish with blueberry salsa is a quick and easy seafood dish that uses fresh fruit to accent the fish in the recipe. it tastes like the summer

Mmm ... Marvelous Mahi Mahi Burgers with Honey-Mustard Sauce
This Mahi Mahi Burger with Honey-Mustard Sauce is a quick and easy seafood dish that grills the fish and serves as a sandwich for lunch or dinner

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