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Cleaning and Picking Meat from a Crab: How to Pick Crabs


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Getting Started
Lay out your work space

Lay out your work space

Holly A. Heyser

Picking and eating crabs is an earthy, down-home way to enjoy these tasty crustaceans -- but crabs do not give up their treasures lightly. Picking crabmeat takes time, but it's pretty easy once you know some tricks and tips.

First get a large work space ready. Lay down newspaper because you're going to get messy. Sorry, but pickin' crabs ain't dainty. I recommend a bowl for your cooked crabs, a bowl for good shells -- use these for stocks and sauces -- a bowl for the pure meat, and a trashcan nearby.

Once you have this all set, turn on some music, grab a beer or a lemonade and get to pickin'.

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