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Bony Fish Recipes (pike, shad, carp, etc)

Many fish are so bony they can't really be filleted or steaked, and eating them whole often requires surgical skill to avoid hundreds of teeny bones. But don't give up on these fish, which are often the tastiest around. Here are tips on how to beat the bones.

100+ Exciting Seafood Recipes from Former Fish & Seafood Cooking Guide Hank Shaw
Author and James Beard Award nominee, Hank Shaw, created over 100 deliciously appealing recipes during his tenure as the About.com Fish and Seafood Cooking Guide. These pages present his recipes, sorted alphabetically by type, to make it easier to find and enjoy Hank's legacy of fine cooking.

Sardines Scapece - Italian Sardines in Vinegar
A recipe for fresh sardines split, fried and marinated in a vinegary, spicy sauce. This is sardines scapece, an Italian recipe from Campagnia.

Poached Pike with Fennel
Pike has such a delicate flavor it is particularly suited to poaching. Filleting a pike can be tricky, but it be done easily once you get the hang of it. Here is a simple recipe for poached pike fillets.

Herring with an Oatmeal-Nut Crust
A herring recipe that features a tasty oatmeal-hazelnut crust.

How to Cook Shad or Other Bony Fish: Dealing with Bones
Many bony fish are delicious, such as shad, pike and herring, but how to deal with the bones? Briefly cooking and flaking the meat from a bony fish is the answer.

Shad Fingers in a Cornmeal Crust
A simple recipe for boneless shad fingers, rolled in seasoned cornmeal and fried in oil.

Shad Fingers: Boneless Shad
How to get boneless meat from a shad fillet. This is a modifed shad boning technique that will give you a 'shad finger' that is boneless, without having to learn the difficult art of filleting a shad.

Shad Cakes with Seared Zucchini
A recipe for shad cakes, or for any bony fish you happen to have. Shad have lots of bones and this recipe for fish cakes makes good use of them.

Shad Roe with Bacon
A classic recipe for shad roe that dates back to Colonial days. This is the quintessential way to cook shad roe.

Smoked Shad Aioli
This is a recipe for smoked shad, flaked into pieces and mixed into a kind of salad with a garlicky aioli. It makes a fine topping for toast or mixed with pasta.

Virginia Baked Shad
A classic Southern recipe for slow-baked shad.

Deep Fried Pike Nuggets
A deep-fried northern pike recipe that is easy to do and solves the bones problem.

How to Split a Sardine
An easy way to split a fresh sardine that removes most of the bones.

Moroccan Baked Sardines
A simple North African way to eat fresh sardines.

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