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Fish & Seafood Cooking July 2009 Archive


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Alice Waters Recants Shark Fin Soup Urge

Thursday July 30, 2009
I wrote back in May about Alice Waters, the famous owner of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA, a restaurant that is an icon of local, sustainable -- even humane -- ... Read More

Grilled Albacore Kebabs

Thursday July 23, 2009
Gotta love having friends who fish. I haven't been able to get out lately, but the albacore tuna are running in California. This is the most sustainable, mercury-free tuna in ... Read More

Finally - King Salmon!

Thursday July 16, 2009
After two years, I finally got a chance to fish for salmon this past weekend. The salmon season near where I live has been closed for two years, so we ... Read More

Fresh Sardines are Back

Tuesday July 7, 2009
Fresh sardines are all the rage right now: sustainable, delicious, cheap and full of the omega-3 fatty acids everyone's talking about. But finding fresh sardines can be difficult. They spoil ... Read More

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