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Fish & Seafood Cooking August 2008 Archive


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A Tribute to Mark's Lobster Sauce

Friday August 29, 2008
I gotta say I am jazzed about seeing how popular the recipe for Mark's Lobster Sauce is, in no small part because Mark is my brother-in-law.   Mark lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts, ... Read More

Talkin' Gumbo

Sunday August 24, 2008
Cajun and Creole are quite possibly the most interesting regional American cuisines. With African, French and deep Southern influences, with a little Italian tossed in, Cajun and Creole are quite ... Read More

Gettin' Fancy: Squid Ink Risotto

Wednesday August 20, 2008
We all have to splurge sometimes, and for me that often means esoteric ingredients or fancy preparations. I present to you, squid ink risotto with capelin roe.   Odd enough for ... Read More

Salmon Time!

Sunday August 17, 2008
Our local salmon season has largely been scrapped here in California, but there are still fish to be had in the Pacific Northwest and in Alaska. Salmon, especially king salmon, are ... Read More

Asian Squid Salad

Thursday August 7, 2008
I live on seafood salads in summertime, and calamari -- you can call it just plain squid if you'd like -- is one of the best things to put in ... Read More

Italian Tuna Crudo

Sunday August 3, 2008
Crudo, which is Italy's version of sashimi, isn't something to be eaten every day. This dish is meant to be savored as a special treat, served only when you find the ... Read More

Rockin' with Rockfish

Friday August 1, 2008
Nearly every seafood-eating culture eats something that looks like a Pacific rockfish. Basically they're seagoing bass, with firm, white meat to go with their sharp spines and voracious appetites.   Rockfish and ... Read More

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