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Fish & Seafood Cooking July 2008 Archive


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A Twist on Fried Fish

Monday July 28, 2008
I eat a lot of fish (obviously), and I eat a lot of those fish dredged in flour and sauteed in olive oil. But I get bored with regular flour sometimes, and ... Read More

Curing Fresh Anchovies

Wednesday July 23, 2008
White anchovies, also called boquerones, are hugely popular these days. I just had an appetizer with five measly anchovies that set me back $8. Mildly appalled, I decided to make ... Read More

Jazzing Up Tilapia

Saturday July 19, 2008
Let's face it: Tilapia is a bland-tasting fish. Yet this farm-raised, freshwater omnivore is fast becoming one of America's favorite fishes, and surveys say its attraction is a combination of ... Read More

An All-American Fish Dish

Tuesday July 15, 2008
Summer is in full swing, so I will be using a lot of summer veggies for the next few months. Why not start with them all? I tossed together a ... Read More

Seared Sea Scallops with Green Sauce

Sunday July 13, 2008
Scallops are one of my all-time favorite seafoods. I had pristine Hokkaido sea scallops sliced thin and served raw with shiso leaves at a local sushi restaurant the other day ... Read More

Honeyed White Seabass Greek Style

Wednesday July 9, 2008
I have been working with Pacific white seabass lately, and I came across a fabulous way to cook these meaty, firm fish: Give them a honey glaze.   While at first glance ... Read More

A Little Sand Dab Will Do Ya

Sunday July 6, 2008
Sand dabs are a fun fish to eat, and unlike such things as lobster or bluefin tuna, aren't meat for deeply serious preparations. They are little flounder that live along ... Read More

Grilled Fresh Sardines

Wednesday July 2, 2008
Grilled fresh sardines are one of the most unheralded treats of summer. Fortunately, thanks to the surge of interest in all things Mediterranean, as well as the return of the California ... Read More

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