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Light, breezy and easy: Salmon Crudo with Fennel-Mint Slaw

Salmon Crudo with Fennel-Mint Slaw

Spring is here, and its time to celebrate warmer weather with a refreshing small plate of my Salmon Crudo, topped with a bright, delightful slaw of fennel and mint. 

Fish & Seafood Cooking Spotlight10

Buon Appetito: Grilled Shrimp Tops Saucy Pasta

This is a quick and easy Italian seafood dish grilling shrimp and topping penne pasta tossed in red sauce and garnishing with shaved cheese.

An Old World Twist on Tuna Salad

Italian tuna salad is a quick and easy fish seafood dish using canned tuna that is flavorful and great for parties, brunch, lunch and dinner

Chilled Shrimp, Cucumber and Yogurt Soup

quick and easy chilled shrimp soup with refreshing cucumber greek yogurt garlic and other spices great for hot summer day lunch or dinner

Grilled Mahi Mahi with Yuzu-Cilantro Butter

This is a quick and easy seafood dish where mahi mahi is marinated in citrus and we suggest the zippy Japanese yuzu fruit then the fish is grilled

Soft-Shell Crabs in Tomato-Cream Sauce

My pan-sauteed soft-shell blue crabs are dressed in a sauce of tomato and cream in this quick and easy seafood recipe great for dinner, lunch or appetizer.

A leggy sandwich leads to a new seafood fave

I remember the first time I saw a soft-shell crab; it was handing out from a large toasted bun, its legs and claws dangling from the sides. I was intrigued,

Cinco de Clammo, a Michelada-inspired clam shooter

The classic Mexican cocktail, Michelada, gets remade into shooters spiked with fresh clams for a refreshing quick cocktail with Cinco de Clammo, quick and easy

Digging for clams, digging for a cocktail

Comeback Sauce, a seafood condiment you’ll want to return to again and again

Comeback Sauce is a quick and easy recipe and is a versatile Deep South favorite. It's great on many seafood items like shrimp, fish, and oysters.

Comeback (Sauce) now, you hear?

Comeback Sauce is akin to a Creole-style remoulade, but is used as an accompaniment to many dishes, and not just seafood.

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